October 24, 2023

You want to be a good fighter? Go out and fight

You want to be a good fighter? Go out and fight

Hey warriors! Coach Dan here, dropping some knowledge bombs on combat today.

Listen up, because I'm about to share a fundamental truth with you:

To become efficient in hand-to-hand combat, you don't necessarily need a coach, a teacher, or even a professor. All you need is another human being who's willing to engage in combat with you, be it grappling or striking, and who will resist and try to impose their will on you.

You see, the beauty of combat lies in its simplicity and universality. The human anatomy is strikingly similar across the board, and the essence of combat is to dominate that anatomy. When you engage in combat against another human, you're essentially engaging in a physical chess match where strategy, technique, and instinct come together.

But here's the secret sauce, folks:

the more time you spend in combat, the better you become. It's a journey of constant refinement and self-discovery. Each session on the mats or in the ring brings you closer to unlocking your true potential as a combatant.

Combat is not about brute force or mindless aggression. It's about understanding the human body, its vulnerabilities, and exploiting them to gain the upper hand. It's about timing, leverage, and the mastery of technique. When you become proficient in these aspects, you transcend mere physical strength and enter the realm of a true combat master.

So, my fellow warriors, embrace the grind and seek out opportunities to engage with other like-minded individuals.

Whether you're practicing grappling or striking, remember that each sparring session is an opportunity for growth. Learn from your partners, adapt your strategy, and watch yourself evolve into a force to be reckoned with.

Combat is an art, my friends, and each one of us has the potential to become a masterpiece. Keep honing your skills, stay humble, and never stop striving for mastery. Together, let's conquer the mats and the challenges that lie ahead.

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